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Taylor Kinney as Luke Gianni   

Taylor Kinney joins "Fashion House" as Luke Gianni, a struggling artist who has lived in his mother Maria's (Bo Derek) shadow his entire life.

Born just outside of Philadelphia in the small town of Neffville, Pennsylvania, Kinney grew up among three brothers and a beloved single mother. At a young age, he became enthralled with film and stage acting, using it as a ploy to gain his mother's attention. While studying Business Management at West Virginia University, he actively began to pursue the world of theatre and fell in love with the spotlight. He was discovered by a scout from Advance Los Angeles Talent Agency while on a trip to Hawaii, which led him to move to Los Angeles. Since then, he has appeared in numerous independent films, including the upcoming "White Air," featuring Tom Sizemore, and William Butler's horror flick "The Furnace" -- both out later in 2006.

When not on set, Kinney enjoys traveling and riding his motorcycle. He currently resides in Los Angeles.




Bo Derek
as Maria Gianni

Morgan Fairchild
as Sophia Blakely

Natalie Martinez
as Michelle Miller


Taylor Kinney
as Luke Gianni

Joel Berti
as William Chandler

Nicole Pulliam
as Nikki Clark

Donna Feldman
as Gloria

Mike Begovich
as Lance Miller